3D printer break material detection abnormal and fan noise solution

Abnormal material break detection

1, check whether the supplies are correctly through the break detection switch, if the supplies are not through the break detection is unable to print, even if the temperature will be manually warmed up after selecting the file, the temperature will immediately drop always unable to print, the break detection is located at the back end of the machine, the normal work will have a blue light on;

2, check whether the break material detection switch wiring is loose (at the module and the motherboard), first test the outside part of the break material detection wiring to see if it is loose, and then check whether the wiring above the motherboard is loose;

3, broken material detection switch is damaged, need to be replaced;

Fan noise

1, clean up the fan, fan noise, check the fan blade inside whether there are debris interference, such as supplies wire, if there can be cleaned up, ash can also be cleaned up;

2, check to fix the fan cover and the fan itself is not loose screws, loose screws will also lead to fan noise, then just use a screwdriver to tighten the screws can;

3, fan blade damage or fracture will also cause fan noise, the problem then directly replace the new fan can be.

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