About PID debugging on Simplify3D slicing software

Different models because of the heating tube or heating hot bed size, power supply power, the definition of the heating environment is different, resulting in different heating curves, in short, affect the heating curve of many factors, if the temperature is not stable in the print can try to debug the PID value to update the heating environment.

PID value definition: PID, that is, "proportional (proportional), integral (integral), differential (derivative), PID value is the temperature heating duty cycle, P is the proportion, the greater the P value heating faster; I is the integral amount, as long as the deviation exists on the deviation of the integral (cumulative) I is the amount of integration, as long as the deviation exists, the deviation is continuously integrated (cumulative), and reflected in the adjustment strength, the larger the value of I the more obvious the integration effect, the role of I is to reduce the error in the static situation, so that the controlled physical value as close as possible to the target value, D value, to adjust the balance of heating and cooling.

Examples of PID heating: for example, set the nozzle from room temperature 25 ℃ to 200 ℃, from 25 ℃ to 190 ℃ in the process of heating P value to control the steepness of the heating curve, from 190 ℃ to 200 ℃ in the process of I integral heating can be integrated to accumulate closer to the target temperature, to the target temperature of 200 ℃ when the D value balance heating and heat dissipation.

1、3D printer machine connected to Simplify3D

Start Simplify3D, Tools -> Machine Control Panel

First select the port number of the interface, generally new machines for the new port number

Select the baud rate, the machine's baud rate is 115200

Select [Connect/Disconnect] to connect the machine with the computer

2. Printhead PID debugging

① Enter M303 C8 S200 in the input box

M303 is the PID debugging instructions, C8 is the cycle heating 8 times to measure the average PID, S200 is the heating curve from room temperature of 25 ℃ to the target of 200 ℃.

② nozzle PID test time is about 6 minutes

to obtain the above PID parameters, remember the above test parameters, PID parameters vary according to the heating block, heating power, heating voltage, the external environment, to the actual PID test parameters shall prevail.

3. Hot bed PID debugging

Hot bed PID debugging needs to open the definition of hot bed PID debugging in Marlin code Configuration.h


① Enter M303 C8 E-1 S110 in the input box

M303 is the PID debugging command, C8 is the cycle heating 8 times to measure to take the average PID, E-1 is the specified hot bed, S110 is the heating curve from room temperature 25℃ to the target of 110℃.

② The approximate time of hot bed PID test is about 18 minutes

4. Deposit PID parameters

① Input the PID parameters of the nozzle

M301 P27.93 I2.35 D82.94

② Input the PID parameters of the hot bed

M304 P592.99 I69.60 D1263.03

③ Storage of PID parameters



The above content is all about the 3D printer based on Simplify3D software control debugging PID parameters.

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