What to do if my Wi-Fi box cannot connect to the Internet?

Please make sure the home Internet is working properly.

Check the firmware version of the APP, the Wi-Fi box and the printer, make sure they’re all up to date; if not, please update your devices’ firmware to the latest version.

Reset and reconfigure the Wi-Fi box.

If step 3 not working, format the TF card of the Wi-Fi box, and reconfigure the Wi-Fi box.

Try with Ethernet connection.

If you have tried all suggestions listed as above but still cannot get the internet, please upload the TF log through the APP or send us the log of TF Card at teamcloud@creality.com for check and analysis.Our engineers will help you out the issue.

Keep the Wi-Fi box away from microwave ovens and other interference sources (refrigerators, ovens, Bluetooth devices, etc.)

Reduce the number of wireless clients and optimize wireless network.

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