The use of laser engraving machine

Everyone in the process of using laser engraving machine often appear unsuccessful engraving This is actually the working principle of the laser engraving machine do not understand.

Today I introduce you to the laser engraving machine focus method, by adjusting the focus method to solve the problems encountered in your engraving .

First of all, after the release of the machine limit, we have to start focusing, the prepared green board, kraft paper board and carved items ready, so that the items from the laser head to maintain about 4cm.

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We send a small piece of kraft paper cut, placed on the surface of the item, and then through the eyes or through the green board, look at the laser point on the kraft paper, if you can not debug the laser head to a direction of twisting , you will find that the laser point on the kraft paper becomes larger or smaller, if it becomes larger just twist in the opposite direction, until the laser point becomes smaller.

So that the laser engraving focus problem is solved.

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