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DIY TV Ambient Lighting Case with LED Light Strips

by xiaoCollin 29 Apr 2024

On a leisurely weekend at home, while tidying up the room, I found a box of unopened LED light strips in a drawer. Unfortunately, the house had already been renovated and there was no immediate use for them, so they had been sitting in the drawer collecting dust.

With a sudden inspiration, I decided to stick the LED light strips to the back of the television, creating a colorful glow to serve as a background for the TV, ^_^

The installation process was quite simple; the light strips come with adhesive backing, so I just found a flat surface and stuck them directly onto the back of the TV.

The LED light strips now have the capability to sync with the TV's sound, pulsating along with the music. They also support control via a smartphone app, providing a truly smart home experience.

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