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Strips Light

LED light strip gives your home light a premium feel

by xiaoCollin 28 Apr 2024
LED strip refers to the LED chip assembly in the strip FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) or PCB (Printed Circuit Board), because of its products are shaped like a tape and named.

LED strip has several significant advantages: First, good flexibility, can be curled at will, easy to carry; Second, the strip can be cut to meet the needs of different sizes; Third, the volume is small, easy to be wrapped, insulation and waterproof function is good, the application of the installation is very safe; Fourth, adaptable, not easy to crack, long service life; Fifth, you can do a variety of shapes, the application of the scene is very rich.

Let's take indoor LED strip light application as an example. In the whole house without the main light design, designers will build a rich level of light system, to create different lighting atmosphere of different scenes experience, for home life to create more wonderful time, LED strip light is indispensable supporting lamps.

Good with the lights of the designer, like good with the medicine of the famous Chinese medicine practitioners, know how to identify and treat, adjust the yin and yang, in order to do a wonderful hand back to spring.

Designers know how to adjust the yin and yang, in order to make a variety of lamps and lanterns emit light to form a balance, and then through the light to create a natural, comfortable, pleasant home atmosphere.

How to match the lamps in the living room? How to combine floodlights and grille lights, and where to install LED strip lights to achieve the effect? These all need fine tuning and design, rather than simply stacking and sorting.

Living room installation of LED strip light, if with the right place, then will be in the process of the conversion of the seasons of the year to bring a different feeling of home.

Spring can feel the vitality of the earth's recovery, summer can feel the growth of all things thriving, fall can feel the joy of the countryside harvest, winter can feel the warmth of the night conversation around the stove.

LED strip light, small role, big role.

Do not belittle each small role, all the heavy drama are inseparable from its embellishment, like home comfort, lazy, warm light, can not be separated from the light and small LED light belt.

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