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How to Choose LED Light Strips for Indoor Ceiling

by xiaoCollin 26 Apr 2024

When decorating a new home, installing a suspended ceiling is a common practice. Not only does it add depth and dimension, but it also conceals certain structural elements. To further accentuate the layers of the ceiling and create a cozy living environment, many opt to install ceiling lights and LED light strips. How do you choose LED light strips for the ceiling? Do you have a preferred color in mind but are unsure which type to select? Here, we'll summarize some knowledge about indoor light strips to serve as a reference when making your choice. Here are some steps/methods for selecting LED light strips for everyday purchases:

Color: LED light strips come in various colors, including white, warm white (light yellow), and blue. While LED lights can theoretically produce many colors, the mainstream options are limited to a few due to numerous factors affecting color temperature. For example, warm white is divided into 3000K and 4000K color temperatures, while white resembles sunlight, and there are also cool white options, each with slight color differences. In home decoration and daily use, warm white is most common, as it creates a warm atmosphere, while white offers brightness, and blue presents a fashionable look. You can choose the light color based on your preferences and the style of your home decor.


1. There are many types of light strips available on the market, including flat three-wire, single-line, flat four-line, and LED light strips. LED light strips, featuring energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, long lifespan, pollution-free properties, and cost-effectiveness, have become the primary choice for home decoration. Traditional flat three-wire light strips not only have low brightness but also consume more electricity, and are essentially outdated. Therefore, when choosing light strips, opt for LED light strips (with chip-on-board technology). Common models of LED light strips include 3528 and 5050. (3528 refers to the size of the chip inside the light strip, which is 3.2mm long and 2.8mm wide. 5050 light strips have chips that are 5mm long and wide. Because the chips in 5050 light strips are much larger, they are approximately 70% brighter than those in 3528 light strips.)

2. LED light strips can be categorized based on the number of chips, such as 60 chips, 72 chips, 68 chips, 90 chips, etc. In everyday purchases, you can select the appropriate model based on the size of the installation space and its intended use. For example, for home decor such as wine cabinet or countertop decoration with low brightness requirements, you can choose the 3528-60 chip model. For rooms ranging from 8 to 15 square meters, you can use the 3528-68 chip model or the 5050-60 chip classic model. For rooms larger than 15 square meters, it is recommended to use the 5050-upgraded model (72 chips) to maintain suitable brightness and ensure uniform lighting.

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